My Approach

Where We Start

Real food is foundational…

But real food isn’t everything.

No matter where you are in your health journey, I will support you in strengthening your foundations, so that you can thrive. 

Yes, “thrive” is a buzzword these days, but in my opinion, thriving is feeling confident and capable in your ability to fill all the roles you want to and stay balanced while doing so. 

Perhaps you are struggling to find the energy and focus needed to get through your day. Perhaps you have persistent symptoms or injuries that get in the way of accomplishing your goals. Perhaps you are striving to find the strength, vitality and trust in your body that you once had. 

Most often the symptoms we experience are rooted in deeper imbalances that need to be uncovered and addressed. Through a combination of customized nutrition and lifestyle shifts, cutting-edge labs, and targeted supplementation, I work with you to identify imbalances and design unique protocols to restore your body’s optimal function and build foundations for lasting health. 

How I support my clients

The Tools I Use

Item No. 1

Food and lifestyle strategies customized to your unique bio-individuality.

Item No. 2

Lab testing that allows us to identify what is going on in your body and address our findings.

Item No. 3

High quality nutritional supplements to support healing.


Answers to Your Questions

What is functional nutrition?

Functional nutrition takes an individualized approach to addressing the root causes of your symptoms using whole foods, targeted supplementation and lifestyle supports. Protocols are targeted to an individual’s symptoms, constitution and lab results. 

How is this approach different than working with a doctor?

It’s entirely different! I am not a medical professional, and as such, I do not diagnose or treat disease, nor do I prescribe medication. Often this work fits nicely alongside the regular care you receive through your primary care doctor or specialist. Functional nutrition is focused on optimizing your health over the long term. 

How difficult is this work and how long will it take?

It would be misleading to say this work was easy and happens quickly. However, this work is powerful. I will give you the tools to build the strongest possible foundations to support you and your loved ones in thriving. Some of these tools are simple to implement; others you will find more challenging. By clarifying your goals and what you want to accomplish, we will navigate through the challenges. The time it takes to accomplish your goals varies greatly; some symptoms may alleviate quickly, while others will take more time to address. Overall, my goal is to support you in maintaining sustainable and lasting changes. 

Will I have to take supplements?

I will likely recommend therapeutic supplementation as part of your protocol. What you take and for how long will be dependent on your labs, goals, concerns, and progress. I only work with professional-grade products that go through rigorous testing and certification. I am not affiliated with any supplement companies and will therefore recommend only the best products that I think will work for you.

Will I have to give up my favorite foods?

By nature, shifting towards a way of eating grounded in real food means leaning into foods in their whole form and moving away from processed and convenience foods. In addition, some foods are more and some are less supportive of optimal digestive function. I will coach you to move away from foods that may be harmful to your body or that may be blocking your body from functioning properly. Additionally, lab testing will give us insight into what specific foods your body may currently be reacting to, and those will need to be removed for a time in order for healing to occur. However, food sensitivities don’t have to be forever! By actively healing the gut at the same time that we’re employing a therapeutic diet, you have a better chance of being able to successfully reincorporate your reactive foods in the future.

Book an Initial Nutrition Consultation

If you are ready to dive in, let’s go! An initial nutrition consultation includes a review of your health history, symptoms, and food journal. You will walk away with strategies tailored specifically to you as well as recommendations of next steps to further strengthen your foundations.