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Hi, I’m Emily

Emily Hager


I am here to help you thrive.

I am a mother to three kids, as well as a runner, skier, partner, and backyard homesteader. I am passionate about how real food and connection to self, community, and the natural world intersect to form a foundation for lifelong health.

I am continually surprised by the challenges – both physical and mental – of being a mother alongside the other roles I fill daily. I am thankful that my eyes were opened to the power of real food and nutrition before I was pregnant with my first daughter. At least when I was hit with the incredible transformation of growing a human and becoming a new parent, I had effective tools to support myself and my new family.

I am no stranger to digestive struggles. Through focused and sustained diet and lifestyle changes I have eliminated debilitating stomach pains and sinus issues, and have successfully met the demands of growing three children and recovering from three cesarean sections. The health and energy that enables me to show up in all of my various roles is rooted in the real food we feed our family. 



I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner.

These certifications build off my B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Natural Science & Education.

my services

How We Work Together

All services begin with a 90-minute initial nutrition consultation where we address your health concerns, health history, current symptoms, and food journal. Together we clarify your goals and make a plan to get you there. 

Initial Nutrition Consultation

All steps start here. You will leave this session with a detailed outline including dietary and lifestyle changes you can make immediately, supplement recommendations, and clarity regarding how I can support you further in reaching your goals. After this consultation you can choose to book an additional package. 

6-Month Gut Health Intensive

This package begins with the Initial Nutrition Consultation and builds towards gut and immune health using multiple functional tests to identify the unique blocking factors that are getting in your way. You receive a targeted nutritional protocol and 6 months of customized Nutritional Therapy support.

3-Month Immune System Reset

This package begins with the Initial Nutrition Consultation and builds towards immune health, using a comprehensive blood panel to provide a big picture look at where your body needs support. You receive a targeted nutritional protocol and 3 months of customized Nutritional Therapy support.

Book a Discovery Call

I’d love to chat with you. This free 15-minute call will provide you with space to share what you are dealing with and gain clarity on how I work and how I can help.

I decided to work with Emily after nearly twenty years of living with fluctuating food intolerances and very little hope of manifesting meaningful change. From day one, Emily knew how to help me and gave me the tools I needed to finally understand how to heal my body. Amazingly, we completely wiped out my candida and addressed my digestive imbalances. I now feel balanced and empowered by these major breakthroughs, and I have the energy to climb, ski and be active!

– Meg C., Age 40