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Individualized Nutritional Therapy Packages

6-Month Gut Heath Intensive

Custom Package


Individuals ready to address persistent health issues. Gut health is foundational to overall health, making this an ideal starting point to address many health challenges. 


This 6-month package is a deep dive into where your system needs support and into what blocking factors might be holding you back from optimal health.

This package includes a comprehensive blood panel, stool test, food sensitivity test, a targeted nutritional protocol, and six months of customized, weekly, 1:1 nutritional therapy support. 

You will be fully supported in implementing your protocol and addressing all findings so that you can thrive.


Individuals who are looking for different durations of support or who are interested in additional functional assessments such as adrenal and other hormone assessments.


By nature, this custom package will be designed to include the right functional tests to assess and address your current health challenges and will be implemented over the necessary amount of time.

Similar to the other packages, you will receive a targeted nutritional protocol, and customized, weekly, 1:1 nutritional therapy support.

I look forward to designing a package that will meet your unique needs and support you in reaching your health goals. 

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Elly G. – Age 56

“I’ve been working with Emily over the past 5 months to address hormone balance and optimize health for the next phase of my life. She is knowledgable, thorough, adaptable and compassionate. So far I am sleeping better, feeling more energetic, and my digestion has significantly improved.”

Kate S. – Age 37

“After the birth of my daughter, I struggled to regain pre-pregnancy strength and I experienced several debilitating injuries. Emily helped identify and address my digestive dysfunction, and worked with me to build a foundation of new food habits. I now have the fitness to resume long-distance running and the confidence to consider another pregnancy.”

Ellie O. – Age 44

“I appreciated Emily’s holistic approach to resolving my health conditions. She offered thorough and individualized care, and ensured I understood each step of the process. Emily not only helped me resolve my digestive issues but more importantly she imparted knowledge to make me more resilient and healthy.”

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